High power LED grow lights by GroGlo Horticultural Group

High Power LED Grow Lights by GroGlo.

GroGlo prides itself on being an innovator in high power LED grow lights, with our own research facilities and a board consisting of some of the worlds' most influential and respected plant scientists, we manufacture for professional and hobby growers around the world.

GroGlo High Power LED grow lights are manufactured in the UK, developed by our research organisation for hobbyist and professional growers. We currently manufacture a range of optimised LED grow lighting from 100W to 1200W concentrating on the manufacture of the best high power LED horticultural specific spectrum available. We currently have manufactured a number of differing spectra in a range of different power chips, powered by our bespoke power supplies, our partnerships with Sunon and Molex mean we've invested heavily in the quality and heritage of these partners.

GroGlo Horticultural Research & Development Co. concentrate on the development of our LED grow lighting portfolio through professional research and continued work in urban growing and intensive production environments. We consistently review the technical and spectrum capabilities of our lighting to ensure the products we supply are a step ahead of the competition.

GroGlo European Distribution S.L. based in Spain (now the heart of the hydroponics industry in Europe), supporting our highly skilled UK & European dealer network selling to the public, it allows us to support the legal cannabis industry while ensuring separation due to differing legislation around Europe. Orders placed on this website will be fulfilled by this company.

GroGlo European Distribution S.L.

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